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Organising an event is time consuming and draining on the marketing budgets and bandwidth of marketers. Also it restricts the audience as only a specific geography can be addressed, multiple sessions need to be organised to map larger audience. The turnout ratio of the target audience is lower as they need to spend at least half a day for an event and taking out half day from working day is difficult with hectic working schedules.

To make it accessible and easy for participants, marketing professionals are opting for Web conferencing services to do product launches, training sessions, product showcases, demos, sharing new versions of products or services, vertical specific sessions, etc.

It is not just convenient for participants but time and cost effective for marketers as they are able to reach bigger geographies targeting larger audience who are relevant. It helps save time as speakers or marketers don’t need to travel location to location, nor does it involve much branding or setup as it is just plug and start. It is cost effective as there are no venues or hotel charges, travelling charges, branding costs, audio visual logistics cost, etc.

Depending on the scale of an event, probably three to four web conferences can be executed against the cost of one event and even the frequency to reach to customers/prospects via the medium be more in comparison to events on account of lower marketing expenses.

This will aid the marketer in saving marketing budgets and using them more effectively in other BTL activities to drive better ROI.


Erfolg understands the need of marketing teams to have a wider reach to a larger audience at one go and has developed methodologies to ensure flawless virtual events or online demos/showcases or webinars or online product launches or partner enablement sessions, etc. Our clients need to take care of the presentation and speakers and the rest they can rely on us to handle smoothly from our end. We will take care of the database, invitations from designing to sharing with target audience, marketing the session, driving registrations, execution of the online event, post session analysis, follow up on leads identified from the session, etc.

Erfolg offers a complete package, leveraging on all our other in-house services to ensure the marketing team can spend time on other marketing tactics that will help convert prospects to customers.

Leveraging all our existing departments, database management, audience connect, digital and email marketing, and web development department, Erfolg has an exclusive Web Conferencing team that flawlessly executes online sessions for majority of our clients.

At Erfolg web conferencing is either proposed as a stand along marketing tactic or else it is integrated with either pipeline management or back end sales projects or with our digital marketing projects enabling our clients to address larger audience extending bigger geographies at one go especially areas where there is no presence of direct marketing and sales team.

The Web Conferencing team at Erfolg is ever innovating different tactics to reach prospects/customers to make the medium more effective as a marketing tool for addressing targeted audience or industry, reaching out faster with new messaging or upgrades on products or services, identifying hot prospects from the existing prospects, providing a medium to reduce time to convert prospects to customers or a medium to reduce the sales cycle, identify competitor entrenched prospects, go after fence sitting prospects, etc.

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