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One of the challenges facing any marketing team is the support that can be extended to the sales function – the direct & indirect impact to the revenue generation for the organization. Therefore, it becomes essential to support an engine like lead management that would have the capability of working on various marketing responses & databases and substantiate the market coverage for the various sales teams.

Erfolg has developed and successfully deployed a very effective methodology via tele-prospecting for qualifying marketing leads from the expansive target audience. Our teams with well-equipped skill-sets and training are not only able to understand the needs of the prospects but are also able to have discussions around the challenges driving the need along with the fitment of the pitched products / services to the prospects' organizational set-ups.


Any campaign generates immediate as well as future returns and effectiveness of any lead management team is defined on the potential to define the time frame of the requirements accurately. Along with aiding the sales team to extend the market coverage, the pipeline management team has to be able to ascertain that the qualified marketing leads are added to the funnel of the sales teams only at the appropriate time – the key task is to enhance the funnel & not clutter the same with leads with requirements at a later date. The team at Erfolg is trained on techniques in lead nurturing with extended time frame so as to keep the continuity of discussion alive with the prospects with multi-touch marketing aids like product guides, whitepapers and other direct marketing techniques by implementing CRM solutions. The lead nurturing mechanism helps reduce unwanted connects with the prospects for confirmation of the same requirement multiple times & also, ensures that the opportunities are not lost in transition from the opportunity discovery to the sales.

The lead generation team at Erfolg is not only restricted to just follow-up on the marketing responses & databases but also have access to the in-house database repository.

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Our tele-prospecting teams leverage on the repository by undertaking cold calling to relevant organizations not covered by the marketing databases to widen the reach & also to augment the number of qualified sales leads. They are not constraint by a particular approach as per a single marketing campaign but their experience enables them to initiate connects with ease with cold suspects also. The diversity of skills of the teams at Erfolg facilitates in offering structured & customized programs that guarantee ROI for any lead generation activity

Erfolg is well versed with all aspects of lead generation and can easily tele-prospect to identify opportunities from marketing leads or cold calling.

The following process is what we follow for most of our lead generation campaigns to ensure the prospect identification is correct and has a higher conversion ratio:

  • Post the brief, the target is defined and an initial list for out-reach is created (combination of internal database capabilities and clients' marketing responses)
  • The data is de-duped against the existing customers and prospect base, to avoid souring opportunities from the same base.
  • Tele-calling is undertaken on the database sourced at our end to profile the organizations to help identify the prospects
  • Post data profiling, the suspects are touched base via multiple marketing tactics to create awareness about the product/solution and if necessary also educate them about the advantages of the product.
  • Most marketing tactics have a call to action on basis of which the prospects get in touch and the team identifies whether there is a marketing lead on the basis of BANT criteria defined.
  • The lead generation team continues cold calling on the database to identify if there is marketing lead on the basis of BANT criteria.
  • The lead management team works holistically, ensuring they keep building the pipeline for clients sales team by nurturing existing customer base and also working on new prospects and giving them a regular flow of marketing leads.

Write to contact@erfolgcs.com for planning an effective lead generation program.