Is your marketing team constraint for time and
missing deadlines?


A Marketing role today involves a myriad of responsibilities to be undertaken – brand building, undertaking research for product placement& feedback, maintaining connect with customers, undertaking activities towards customer retention, running incentive programs, contests, channel development, communicating key developments to customers & prospects, etc. The activities could be implemented as individual tactics or could be part of a sustained program but in either form involves various steps & can are resource intensive.


The Projects Team at Erfolg understands the various nuances of marketing requirements as it comprises of diverse experienced members with the ability to adapt quickly. The team is resourceful in executing varied tasks and being dynamic, goes the extra step to pick up the necessary skills in quick time to be able to execute the tasks at hand. A very valuable support team for any marketing manager as they have prior experience of having implemented tasks like Set-up & Managing Inbound Helpdesks / Customer Care Desks, Direct Mailing (offline / online), Planning for and managing various customer / partner relationship initiatives likes Customer retainer programs, customer relations campaigns, incentive programs, channel rewards programs, contest schemes, product promotions, setting-up & executing market surveys, undertaking feedback & review surveys, research initiatives, Inventory Management / Event & Promotions Brochure & Give-a-ways Management, etc.

The Projects team at Erfolg is also strengthened by the presence of campaign planners & analysts.

We understand the briefs, chart out the project plan, identify the various elements for the campaign, define timelines, select the best medium, define work-flows, train the resources, track the campaign results, undertake campaign analysis at mid-way stages, undertake report creation, etc.

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They work with the creative teams, whenever required to craft out the visuals, messaging aids, etc to deliver the various marketing aids (e-mailers, direct mailers, brochures, etc.). The process defined approach implemented by the team at Erfolg ensures that no step is overlooked and we are able to deliver effective seamless campaigns across the plethora of BTL activities.

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