Are you spending more time in micro detailing towards event management than on
core objectives of events?


Corporate events are a tremendous platform to address a captive audience & open up opportunities for strategic discussions. As a marketing engine, corporate events are capable of adding great value to the sales function of an organization. However, any corporate event that you plan and stage is a reflection of your company’s image – from the initial invitation to the onsite operations. Therefore, it becomes imperative that any event planned delivers on every platform & does not create a detrimental influence.

At Erfolg, we have a team of experienced event management specialists and we manage & endeavor, to make successful meetings happen. It is our desire to facilitate the process by providing transparency wherever necessary, accurate information on which to base your decisions, analytical tools to help evaluate your options and risks and channel for cost effective business. Proper event management of the details that comprise a well-run meeting is essential to that meeting being a positive experience.


We undertake corporate events of all scales from the simplest to the grander ones. We handle a wide array of corporate events ranging from full fledged conferences for customers to business development events with prospects/suspects, technical training seminars to jazzy product launches, single day summit to residential conferences, networking/informal sessions to C-level sessions, are capable to handling any bespoke event.

At Erfolg, we believe that personal attention to specific objectives is as important as through media. Erfolg's expertise extends to new marketing strategies for the requirements of various corporate events. We quickly grasp the elements of unique budgetary considerations and explore the market to come up with innovative marketing techniques and creative promotional materials.

At Erfolg, we undertake planning and managing a corporate event in the worldwide acknowledged three phases approach of event management i.e.
Pre Event scenario, Actual Event & Post Event. separate Data Management services division.

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The team is meticulous & ensures that no details during any of the 3 phases of event planning & execution is overlooked thus ensuring no last minute on-site hassles. By taking up all logistics & production tasks of event management, the team lets you focus on the content & delivery while we take care of all aspects of event management.

With over a decade plus experience in event management at our end, we take care of the below mentioned for our clients to ensure a seamless smooth corporate event.

  • Venue identification and co-ordination of logistics onsite for the event with the venue
  • Event marketing via multi scope marketing approach for ensuring the right audience for the session
  • Designing and production of branding for the sessions
  • Onsite Setup of the stage, audio visual set up of the hall and registration area
  • Onsite Registration for the session along with delegate management and collateral and feedback form distribution
  • Post Event Analysis and Summary of the event with help of delegate feedback.

Write to contact@erfolgcs.com to connect with the team for making great events happen.