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In the web world, that has technically inclined audience, one of the most sought after mediums to connect with decision makers or influencers or users is the digital medium. It has become mandatory for a marketer to support all marketing activities with a digital marketing strategy. Keeping the same in mind, Erfolg has added digital marketing to their gamut of services to holistically support all marketing services and bring a different perspective to the digital strategy of marketing teams that we cater to. We realise that the effectiveness of a digital campaign is largely dependent on the audience that it intends to connect and address for a particular tactic adopted.

One of the main focuses in digital marketing solution is to connect with revenue generating prospects and customers unless you intend to make it a brand awareness program.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We work towards crafting the perfect marketing mix to reach the maximum number of connects that can add value to the client in the most cost efficient manner.

Running paid advertisements to reach X group of people in Y days for Z amount of budget is not a digital marketing strategy especially for B2B marketing. We focus on building relationships by identifying multiple touch points, spacing out the messaging at regular intervals to ensure the message is conveyed in an effective manner. We tailor make strategies that will work for your products / services and uphold your brand positioning.

We can broadly divide our services in the following categories:

Search Engine Optimization:

One of the reasons for anyone creating an online identity is to create an awareness amongst the target audience about their company or product / services or seminars / webinars, etc. Creating an online identity is not sufficient if you are unable to generate organic visitors to the site. Erfolg helps you with a sustainable SEO plan that can generate organic visitors to your website.

SEO often aligns with the long-term vision of the company and thus it is almost always an integral part of a digital marketing mix. To add, it adds to the trust factor of a website if it ranks top in search engines.

Even if you are not interested in active off-page SEO, we recommend on-page optimization for targeted visitors – pushing organic visitors to your website for long tail keywords.

Paid Promotion Services:

Paid promotion is the most used tactic in digital marketing strategy and many a times it is used ineffectively and without proper planning, resulting is negligible or low ROI. We propose to use this as a strategy only when we are confident that it can generate ROI especially when your products, events or services need immediate/instant attention from the target audience.

Our team is well equipped to work effectively on paid promotions like Adwords, GDN, Social Media ads, etc with the right mix to generate maximum ROI on your investments.

Social Media Engagement:

We do not believe in Social Media Marketing but in Social Media Engagement as that has long-term impact and recall from the target market. We believe in establishing relationships with individuals on social networks, hence we call it Social Media Engagement and believe that it is a better and appropriate approach for digital marketers to connect with their varied target audience.

Our digital team is able to ensure the marketing spend is maximised leveraging the expertise of our existing teams internally for the benefit of our client. On account of the all-inclusive approach, we are able to assist our clients to maximise their marketing spend.

Content Development:

The most important aspect for digital marketing success is content. Contextual content is the King for any digital marketing campaign. Whether the message delivered is effective or not is dependent on the content - either words or infographics or graphics, etc and hence it becomes important to ensure that right messaging is adopted for addressing the target market.

We have experienced professionals who help design blog posts, articles, social media posts & creatives, presentations, videos, etc. to boost and ensure an effective digital presence for your brand.

Our Process

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We call ourselves digital storytellers, as we want to help our clients narrate a cohesive tale to their customers and prospects. We work towards ensuring you develop relationships with customers and prospects by creating powerful experiences for your clients across the digital ocean while maintaining balance between commercial nous, creative flair, meticulous testing and technical ingenuity.

Erfolg commenced operations as an event management company and realised database is the key to audience at events, hence created a large depository of data to support audience connect and pipeline management services. Our in-house experts in database management and digital marketing team, work in collaboration with each other at all times giving an absolutely different angle to digital marketing. Erfolg's digital marketing division has evolved as it falls in between database management and pipeline management or audience connect, we are different from other digital marketing companies as we look at digital marketing to build sales funnel. The data at our end is profiled hence we are able to run more effective digital marketing campaigns leveraging on our data capabilities. All the leads from the same are forwarded to our in-house pipeline management and inside sales team to further nurture the leads wherever required adopting different marketing tactics.

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