Is your marketing team failing to launch campaigns
due to lack of defined target audience?


One of the most important inputs for any marketing campaign is the intelligence in terms of the data or the audience to be targeted. This input is especially critical when it comes to direct marketing tactics & attention has to be paid to all aspects i.e. planning the right audience, identification of the target audience, accuracy of the lists, frequency of connect, mediums of connect, etc.

One of the contributing factors to successful campaign implementation at Erfolg has been the back-end support extended by the data team, in providing insights on the organizations to be targeted, market intelligence, accurate contacts to be connected with, medium of communication to be adopted, decision making hierarchies, analysis on scope, etc.


The Database Services at Erfolg is delivered by a separate dedicated team of professionals who specialize in data sourcing, organizational data profiling, data segmentation mapping, data cleansing, data verification, data de-duplication, industry analysis, data validation, etc. The back-end team is not just list pullers but is experienced to take briefs basis objective of the campaign, target audience, etc & work on the same to plan the inputs for the campaign, share market insights towards approach, depth and reach, predict the probable campaign results, deliver effective & live databases for the campaign, etc.

Since data management has been an integral part of all Erfolg services, leveraging on the expertise and repository built in house, we now have a
separate Data Management services division.

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We specialize in the following:

  • Data Procurement/Sourcing: We specialize in data sourcing and can source any B to B database not limited to geography, vertical, roles, profiles, information, records, etc.
  • Data Cleansing: In data cleansing, we ensure that the data is de-duped and kept relevant at all times. Majority of the times, the record size is massive but however, because of duplication, the actual size shrinks. Hence, the team ensures that database is clean & formatted to reflect actual contacts.
  • Data Segmentation/Standardization: Databases are vast and for creating any marketing campaigns, it is vital that some filters are applied towards effective planning. Therefore, our data team ensures that there are standardization of terms especially in terms of vertical, size, turnover, job roles, geographies, etc.
  • Data Profiling: Basic Database information at times is related to contact information and a couple of other parameters like industry, region, etc. However, when any marketer has to plan for any strategic & niche campaign, faced with the task of further defining the target in terms of applicability of solution, etc, they are forced to give up on the campaign or go broad (Hit-and-miss strategy). Our data team has worked to create a profiled database on multiple parameters.
  • Data Verification/Validation: Data Validation is a process that is undertaken to ensure that all records are live at all times, the tele-calling team at our end will connect with the contacts to verify the information captured at our end is updated and correct or not? We suggest and undertake this every six months to ensure validity of the data as the churn in organizations is high these days.
  • Data Enhancement: It is a process where we are provided with some information and there has to additions done to the same in terms of sourcing alternate contacts or job titles in the organizations or else email ids or phone numbers, etc. Data Enhancement is where we work on some information at our end, need to add certain information for further use. Data Procurement/Sourcing

The data management team at Erfolg constantly works on the database repository to ensure that the contacts are not redundant and are updated via data cleansing (map internal movements, new contacts, etc.). They undertake independent exercises to check the validity of the contacts via data profiling, work with the project execution teams to capture updates at their end, cross-validate the details via various tactics, etc to ensure that they deliver effective databases for campaign implementation within short timeframes.

At Erfolg, we handle Data Management as a standalone activity or as a part of pipeline management, Back-end Sales process, Audience Connect, Messaging Campaigns, Program Implementation, etc depending on our client’s requirement

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