Are you missing out on extending your market reach
as all prospects are not given due focus?


The Back-End Services framework of Erfolg offers a cost-effective option to achieve operational efficiency. With the growth of the economy & the start of many small & medium enterprises at regular intervals, the base is expanding at a good rate & therefore, it becomes essential that the sales teams are able to reach out to the expanded base and organizations focus on revenues from Small Medium Businesses (SMB). Most organizations need to have a strategy around the SMB segment and also need to target B and C class cities in India. However, it is not feasible for the same resource allocated to enterprise sales to approach the smaller deals. With the easy availability of advanced technology in tele-calling, organizations today can plan for a Tele Sales team to address the small and mid size requirements without the involvement of the field sales force.


Keeping pace with the new Sales structures, Erfolg has invested in developing processes & skill-sets that has resulted in creating frameworks for structured & effective Back-end Sales teams. The Tele Sales teams at Erfolg are thus capable of working on cold calling for lead identification & progressing them to wins via various engines i.e. Inside Sales team with On-field Partner support, Inside Sales team with in-house commercial processing team, Inside Sales team with Technical Account Managers, etc. Customization of frameworks is undertaken as per specific clients’ requirements, product lines, clients’ existing sales structure, reach expected, etc. The teams at Erfolg are target-oriented & are experienced in implementing various connect methodologies via tele-calling, setting the right expectations, working within limitations of time, working with customers’ expectations, working within the parameters & commercial guidelines, etc.

Erfolg tele sales teams yields results & generates greater revenue –
Be it for extending your existing tele Sales team or outsourcing your complete back-end engine or working as extension to your Inside Sales team.

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As an extension to our lead generation services, Erfolg has further specialized in close looping sales with a focus on SMB companies, with the expertise of our Inside sales team we are true partners and you can look for our services in the following:

  • Erfolg tele-calls and via cold calling source opportunities and the same is then followed up the Inside Sales team - the Inside Sales team starts the engagement from information sharing, partner alignment, integrated customer - partner communication, order tracking, etc.
  • Our Tele-Sales team works as an extension not only to a single Sales entity but can replicate the model with multiple distributors / reseller / partners / VAR of our clients.
  • Our Tele-Sales team understands the complexity of multiple sales channels and thus has a strong tracking mechanism that enables avoidance of duplication of efforts, conflicts between channels, creation of live MIS reports, end-to-end tracking of lead to opportunity, funnel tracking, etc.
  • The Tele-Sales team at our end works on annual renewals for various products/solutions and follows up the customers to process the same, where required request for an intervention from the Client Sales team.
  • Erfolg with the help of tele-calling also approaches the existing customers for up-selling & cross selling products/ solutions and work on closing sales via cold calling and also by extending prevailing offers/promotions.
  • A strong understanding of sales functions along with intuitive decision making by the team enables us to segregate the active prospects and thus, avoid chasing longer cycle leads in the short-time
  • Our Tele-Sales team are a true and reliable extension for your sales team and have the agility to adapt to clients internal Sales platform easily.

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